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Deviant for 5 Years
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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Zodiac: west/Aquarius (Air), east/Dragon (Earth)
Favourite Colours: blue, white, green, red
Favourite Art Tool: pens and markers
Favourite Music: a little of everything
Likes: animals, art, anime, video games, singing, making phone charms.
Favourite TV shows: Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL, YGOTAS, Sonic, Full Metal Alchemist (both versions), Inuyasha, Wolf's Rain, MLP: FiM, Steven Universe
Favourite Animals: crocodilians, dragons, dinosaurs, elephants, zebras, killer whales, dogs, cats


Pokemon Collection: Christmas part 2 by BiancAlligator
Pokemon Collection: Christmas part 2
More Christmas themed Pokemon items.
- Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Plusle/Minun (except Skitty) ornaments 2005
- Pikachu and Charmander ornaments 1999
- Pokemon Decorative Light Strand 1999
- Santa Pikachu and Froakie Snowman plush 2014
Pokemon Collection: Christmas part 1 by BiancAlligator
Pokemon Collection: Christmas part 1
Christmas themed Pokemon items from my collection.
- Kanto starters and Deoxys ornaments from Pokemon Center 2004
- Pokemon Snow Fun ornament from Carlton Cards 2001
- Pikachu's Holiday Party from Carlton Cards 2000
- Pikachu's Winter Vacation DVD 2004
Ponies Around the World 2015- Port Dalhousie by BiancAlligator
Ponies Around the World 2015- Port Dalhousie
This is my entry for Ponies Around the World 2015. The Lake Side Park Carousel from Port Dalhousie, Canada.

Carved by Charles I.D. Looff in 1898-1903. It was originally part of Coney Island, then later an amusement park in Scarborough, Ontario and finally came to St. Catharines in 1921. In 1970 Sydney Brookson, who was the private owner of the carousel at the time, sold the carousel for $20,000 to Dorothy Crabtree and the community of St. Catharines.
Today, the carousel is called a historical landmark and where you can still ride for a nickel.
Hello everybody. Great news! I have a brand new Facebook page! It's called BiancAlligator's Vote of Art.
What is it? Well, I will set up a series of polls on my page people can vote on. Simply enter in the letter of your choice, I will tally the votes and put all the results together into a new picture to be posted here. Now that's a public service! The first 2 votes are up and you have until Wednesday at 6pm to choose so there's plenty of time. The theme for the first picture is Pokemon.

Votes will be accepted on Facebook only. Do not vote in this journal.

My Facebook page can found here:…

If you have Facebook or any friends who have Facebook, I encourage you to check it out.  I appreciate your voting cooperation.

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